Addicted to the Struggle?

As you will come to know, one of my biggest values is being real & authentic. Honesty is important to me.

In the spirit of being real and authentic, I will share with you that my life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows no matter how evolved or “healed”I am because…Life. It has a way about it that will continually give us everything that we didn’t know we needed.  

And behind every person that you admire, they have their share of pain and struggles that you don’t see too. Truth is, we are here to quite literally heal and transmute wounds in this physical body. 

My life is actually quite turbulent at times. For a while I judged it and thought I was making it harder than it had to be. I thought I was addicted to the “struggle”. I thought I couldn’t “hold” all the good things long enough. I thought it must be because of my “trauma.” 

We can all make a story out of the gritty stuff in our lives OR we can see it for what it actually is. 

Part of my assignment I’ve come into this lifetime to embody is perseverance. Sometimes I needed the contrast of struggle to get me there. Sometimes it just “is.” 

It’s not because of what my mom or dad did or didn’t do to me. Or the idea my mind and little girl wounds attached to that my sister was always easily in the spotlight & I “struggled” to find my place.

These painful experiences are all physical representations of the wounds we signed up to heal and transmute in this lifetime. When we find a reason for our pain it helps us to make sense of it and validate it yet, truth be told, the pain would already be there either way.

It was inbred in my cells, tissues…part of my DNA since I was in utero before I even came into this world that I would have to suffer finding my place in this world and realize my own power and potential.

The outside world as a child was exactly what would mirror this core wounding back to me & make it come alive in a sense so I can feel it and help heal it for the collective. It’s not actually about just “me” or you.  

Whether I chose the parents or siblings I have or other ones, I would have attracted the same “struggle” experiences in my life because I needed to learn and embody my power. I had to learn perseverance. It’s in my DNA.

All that you are all working through is helping to heal me and mass consciousness too. We are all connected.

We need to continually use our breath to presence the grit and when it shows up. The work is in acceptance of it and embodying perseverance as it knocks on our door knowing we can handle whatever comes our way, as we trust in Life and our own resilience.

Your next version of you and your life will arrive in the imperfections of life through the embodiment of your assignments, just as it does for me. You don’t need to be fixed or saved. We hold the power within us if God/Life brought us to it. We were quite literally designed for it.

Your next timeline will always be on the other side of it.

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