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I'm on a mission to support humanity in living out their truest expression as they come home to who they were before the world told them not to be. 


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In 2014, I left a safe and familiar life to go after the desires that had been secretly in my heart for years.

I finally chose me and got a divorce after 16 years of marriage to set out on a journey to create the love and life that I dreamed of. Upon this journey,
I encountered all the flying monkeys and came face to face with all the things getting in my way of allowing my desires. 

I innately knew I was meant for more.

The biggest one being not feeling safe to be ME.

My journey for the past decade has been about coming home to mySelf. The Self I was before my upbringing and society told me I needed to be someone else. That I needed to be “fixed”. That something was existentially wrong with me,
just in my very existence of being mySelf. 

Today all of those dreams have now become my reality yet little did I know that the greatest treasure I would receive was reuniting with, tuning into,
and embracing my truest ME.  

All my life I’ve had a keen awareness for truth. For someone showing up inauthentically. For someone who was disconnected from their true Self and aligned path. I had an instant knowing of where they were being dishonest with themselves and the world. And truth is, they most likely weren’t even aware of it themselves yet.

It’s a universal pain that we all share. 

Suddenly these women begin to see into themselves and create a whole new level of intimacy they never knew before. 
They finally take off their self-imposed masks and welcome back the disowned parts of
themselves as they embrace their shadows and learn to love and accept all of them. 

They finally meet their defense mechanisms that have kept them safe this whole time and slowly begin to instead feel the very things these mechanisms protected in the first place. With this, they find themselves in flow with life and begin to live out this human experience with a lot more ease, intimacy, love, prosperity and joy. 

It’s been my personal secret superpower that now supports my calling in this world as I now guide and support women in coming home to their truth and allowing in their deepest desires. 

I feel the hardest part about this human experience is allowing ourselves to actually be who we truly are. To show up in the world and take up space simply for being “us”.

We live in a world that tells us who we “should” be. What we “should” do.
What we “should” look like and how we “should” live our lives. 

We slowly lose our magic as we try to morph into fake versions of ourselves to fit in and belong until we exhaust ourselves. 

We lose our essence.
We lose the very thing that is our magic

The more me that I BE-came, the more my dreams simply landed upon my path.

The day I came home to the very thing that was my magic was the day I truly began living again. The thing that was deemed as my "too-muchness" all was my life was the very thing that Life was calling me to embrace and embody again. On this sacred path, I have died more times than I can count and been reborn over and over again reclaiming and loving those lost parts of mySelf. Looking at my shadows. Sitting next to them and no longer needing them to leave and instead embracing them. I’ve let down my armor. My defense mechanisms. I’ve sat in my own inadequacies. I’ve surrendered. I’ve softened. I’ve allowed. I’ve slowly opened my heart back up to receive life. 
And in this, I've allowed others to fully see all of me.  

I’ve allowed the world to truly see me. To know the depths of my own wounds and how
they have been alchemized leading me to my greatest joys.  

I have sat in the void of nothingness as I dismantled my personality and everything I thought I was to become who I am meant to be in this world. And there’s always still more to go.  What I’ve found is that this has led to a life of true EASE. More joy. More intimacy. More presence than I ever knew. 

There’s no greater power than the woman unafraid of showing herself to the world. Who feels so grounded in herSelf and her vision for her life, that very little can shake her. 

When we do this, we become unstoppable...

This is where the magic happens! 

And I’m here to walk beside you in doing so. 

I used to think that I had to “do’ to earn this type of life. And what I have come to know is that the journey is less about doing and more about BE-coming. Becoming more of ourSelves. Living our truths. Facing our demons. Honoring our desires. And BE-ing in flow with where Life wants us. 

The you that you were before you learned it wasn't safe to be her. Before you had to earn love. Earn approval. Before you learned to sacrifice your truth for others' comfort . Before you learned who you had to be to survive. 

The love you desire. The life and business you dream of. The money you crave. The house on your vision board. It all becomes yours in miraculous ways simply by showing up for yourSelf and embodying all of you.

We tend to spend the whole first part of our lives trying to be who we think we need to be and then one day we wake up and realize we’ve been living out of alignment with our truth and that’s why life has felt like such a struggle. This is a pivotal moment. From this point we only have two choices. We can either go back to sleep and continue to go against the flow or we can decide to burn everything down and BE-come...

To embrace your secrets and turn them into your greatest superpowers. 
To welcome back your "too-muchness" & go after the life of your dreams.
To finally honor that nudge that has been quieted for so long. 
To unlock your own radiance and what sets you apart from everyone else in this world. 
To BE-come you again and allow all the love, intimacy, ease, joy, opportunities, and prosperity that it comes with. 

Welcome home



If there is anything I have learned on my journey that I want to
share with you it is that

The things we avoid will continuously manifest themselves in our lives until we face them

“Radical honesty and responsibility create miracles in your life.” 


It’s pretty easy yet we make it hard when we try to
protect ourselves with distractions and avoidance. 

We fear facing the very things that will set us free.
The things that we know we secretly feel yet don’t want to
acknowledge because it would make us “bad” or “wrong”. 

Yet this is the alchemy waiting to transform your life and hand you your desires.

The intricate places that have all collected dust within yourSelf are
begging for your awareness to look at them...

To Penetrate them...


For someone that has always been the “strong one”. The one that doesn’t cry. The one that mothers and fixes and gives her entire self to making others happy. The one who held all the sadness and pain inside. To finally take that leap of faith into the unknown. All that fear. Investing in ME for once. Letting go of being the fixer of everyone…to becoming the fixer of ME. The last 3 months, I went deep in all the things that I never realized I was harboring. My mother, my childhood, my past relationships. To allow myself to feel. To let the anger turn into sadness, turn into forgiveness, turn into love. To be true to myself and my desires and putting it out there for the world…just WOW!
This has been my journey so far. And it’s only the beginning. What Nikki has done for me and what we unleashed. I can’t even put into words. All those years of wanting but not pulling the trigger. Finally giving ME, what I never even knew I needed. Living the day to day, the mundane life.
So many doors to open yet passing by all of them.
That life for me is over! Thanks to Nikki. My coach, my mentor, my friend.

Kelly Collins

Being supported in a healing container with Nikki has been the best investment I’ve ever made in myself. Every single session was so powerful — she taught me how to truly drop into my body, open my heart space, and presence my emotions. I don’t have enough words to describe how much love entered my life from embodying myself so fully. From moving to my dream city, to attracting an overflow of wealth, to magnetizing new friends & fun dating experiences, I’m forever grateful that Nikki helped me hold my visions high (especially through challenging moments). Nikki is such a gift, and one of the kindest and most loving souls you will ever meet! Highly recommend being in any of her spaces and working with her! 

Betty shen

Working with Nikki Amaturo was the greatest decision that I have ever made, because she changed my entire life. I began working with Nikki three years ago after a break up. Nikki held space for me, and always guided me to where I needed to go. She taught me how to love myself, and how to co-create with the universe to have the life I desired. Nikki is someone that feels safe to open up to, listens without judgment, and makes you feel safe knowing that you are always being supported. Since working with Nicole, I created my dream love, and she has inspired me to create my own business. Working with Nicole is the greatest gift that you can give to yourself.

Elizabeth Goncalves 

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