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A brand-new show to discuss *all the things* when it comes to being a part of this wild ride of be-ing human with your Podcast Host & Human Experience Guide, Nicole Amaturo, aka “Nikki”


A podcast to come home to your truest Self and explore all that comes along with this human experience.

Each week Nikki shares her heart, her raw truth, and her journey with her audience, along with guests that share the same rawness and realness. 

It is hard enough being human and trying to navigate the journey that our souls chose, let alone how to love and accept these personalities and all the shadows and wounds that we were given. 

Together on the podcast, Nikki walks side-by-side with her listeners each week to allow more of our desires. To fully take in and receive Life.  To live a life of deep presence, ease, intimacy, love, super-abundance and joy. 

Been a big fan of Nicole for years now, and so excited that there's a podcast where I can soak in her lessons every week!!


Thank you for sharing your truth with the world. I love how open and real you get on here Nikki.


Wow! Such a great way to start my day! Your words are so moving, can't wait for more!!


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Your Podcast Host, Nikki Amaturo

Nikki strived for perfection her whole life. To keep up with having to be perfect and “fixed” to be loved, liked and accepted was painful. One day she realized that Life was summoning more of her truest essence to be shared. 

In this, she came home to the beauty in her humanness. There was so much freedom that came when she removed her self-imposed mask of perfection to share her beautifully raw Self with the world. Now, she wants the same for you. This is a show about flowing with life and coming home to your truest Self to lead you on your own sacred path, where all of your desires meet you with pure ease. 


Mentor, Guide, Speaker, Writer,
Wife & Mom of 4 

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