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I remember a year into working with Nicole I said, “I feel like you saved my life..” Sounds really dramatic but it was true for me…
When I first heard Nicole speak, I thought, “Wow, yes! Why are more people not talking about this AND how did I not know this…” Prior to my connection with Nicole I was “successful”. I had the businesses, travel, income, community and validation to go along with it.

I had previously worked with ALL of the coaches in the span of a decade, from Business Coaching to NLP to Energy Healing to standing on my head. At the end of the day, none of it mattered and nothing prepared me for what I experienced internally during the pandemic.
Nicole has a way of holding a safe space for you to connect to the route of your pain, fear, resistance to heal, all while guiding you and empowering you enough to know that everything we need to get to the other side is ultimately within us. 

Hiring Nicole was a soul shifting experience and has given me many tools to work through the challenges and resistance that life will display. I am forever grateful for the life-changing experience.

Tara Romano 

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