I’m so grateful for the girl who decided to listen to her heart and trust where she was being led. The one that decided to go for it. Because of her, I now have the beautiful love, business, home, family and bank account that I once dreamt of. Yet most of all, I have the priceless feeling of being at ease with mySelf and Life that I used to pray for. I showed up for mySelf. My divine calling. And

read my full story below... my journey home.

"All that you dream of is on the other side of becoming more YOU."

My story truly began when I finally chose to come back home to mySelf. I was married at the age of 19 quickly after coming out of an abusive relationship from the ages of 16-19. I was a young, married woman with children before I even knew who I was. A false version of mySelf and who I thought I had to be was who I presented to him, myself and the world. This covered up the pain and wounds that I wasn't ready to look at and face. It was easier to be who I felt I had to be in order to be loved and accepted. One that felt her purpose was to make others happy and more comfortable. One that felt safer hidden in the background, keeping people away from her "broken", Self. 

The way that my ex and I worked best was when I was “broken”.  The focus was off him and he instead could be my savior and fix me. A pattern I knew well in childhood. This was how I learned to receive love and I did a fantastic job at recreating this dynamic. As soon as I actually got to know mySelf, I realized this marriage would never work.

Nikki's Story

As I grew into more of my truth, I got to know my beliefs and values and what I wanted from a partnership. I started to see I was only with my ex-husband out of safety. For so long, I was just so grateful that he was consistent, "nice" and loved me that that was enough. I couldn't even see that I deserved to allow mySelf to have more because I was blinded by my own pain and wounds from childhood. My own feelings of inadequacy being me. Once I realized my worth and didn’t want to be fixed anymore, the marriage slowly began to fall apart. We no longer shared the resonance that initially bonded us.

We were two totally different people with different views on the philosophy of life, love, and parenting. I always felt like “too much” for him in every way and couldn't take having to be someone else anymore. I just craved to be me. To be loved for simply being me. 

And one day someone entered my life that woke up that part of me. The part of me that could be loved, "as-is". Quite honestly, I hadn’t met this part until he walked into my life. He was a friend that truly saw me and not just what he wanted me to be. He saw me for all the amazing and not-so-amazing things I was. I didn't have to be a "good girl" anymore. I was untamed for once in my life. It felt so freeing to finally take the mask off and be human. He embraced my truth and the wildness within me and adored it, which then allowed me to see she was actually lovable. There was no turning back. I got a glimpse of my magic. 

Walking away from my marriage was one of the hardest things for me. We had three incredible children together and had everything that society would deem as living the “dream life.” He was a “good” man who lived life by the book. I simply didn’t like who he was once I got to know my real Self. Was that enough to walk away? I tried hard to work on my marriage. I wanted so badly for something to be wrong with me instead. Yet, life had other plans for me that I now understand. 

Every time I would try to go back to sleep, life would wake me up in different ways to the point that it finally left me no choice but to walk away. The pain of staying the same finally became greater than my fear of change. I finally filed for a divorce after 16 years and stepped into my next timeline as a single mom with 3 kids on a journey to create the love and business she desired, while coming home to her truest Self. 

As a single woman, I found myself settling for less than I deserved. I put so much value on my outside looks that that was all I was attracting. Men that also only valued my outside. I soon realized that although I was a 35 year-old woman, I was dating as if I was still that chubby little 10 year-old girl that didn’t feel pretty enough or good enough. The one that so badly just wanted to be chosen and loved. The one that never felt safe taking up space. When I began to heal these little girl parts of mySelf that were showing up in my dating life and started to learn how to take up space and value who I was inside, what I started attracting changed.

Slowly I  began attracting men that valued who I was, what my beliefs were, who I was as a mom. etc. My whole life changed the moment I began to heal these past versions of myself that were running my life. In this, I finally attracted my gift of a husband, Gary. Today, our family consists of our adorable little boy together along with our amazing 3 kids from my first marriage. 

I was on a hunt for the love that I knew existed. One with an equal partner that I didn’t feel “better than”. One that wasn’t looking to keep me broken so that he could fix me and gain his sense of self-worth from my lack of it. One that was open, both emotionally and intellectually. One that I was attracted to and desired deeply. One that was my best friend and lover in one. And most importantly, one that I could grow with and have fun walking through life with.

My story didn’t end there, though...

I was a teacher for about 10 years in a public school system and when I became awake to the fact of how life really worked and the power that we have to co-create what we dream of, I left teaching on a whim and started my own business with no savings and just a dream. (That’s a whole other story that I share more about on my podcast.)

On this journey I encountered so many more of the things that were getting in the way of allowing my truest Self to be seen and what was getting in the way of embodying my power. I finally learned an easier way of BE-ing. Of showing up in life and how to *do* less while BE-ing and receiving more. I simply allowed Life to support me and show me as I listened and followed where I was being led. 

I learned to flow with life. I learned "ease" for the first time in my life. I allowed myself to feel all the things like I’ve never felt before. My business reached levels I never knew possible, my relationship with my husband reached a level of intimacy I didn’t realize existed, and my relationship with my children is one that most dream of. I’ve healed my relationship with my parents and allowed so much more love and authentic friendships into my life. These are just a few of the many beautiful miracles in my life.

I’ve allowed this by presencing the hard stuff. I faced parts of mySelf that felt wrong or bad and met them with compassion and grace. I accepted all of me and allowed my presence to transmute the old frequencies that no longer resonated. 


In this, I learned that the parts of my personality that were deemed “too much” all of my life were actually exactly what the world wanted and needed. This is where the magic was lying dormant within me for so long. I finally learned how to refine and use this power that I was once scared of....

Now I teach others how to do the same. 

Now it's your turn. It's time for your life to
become your own exquisite masterpiece.
Your next timeline is calling for you.  

When I came home to allow more of me and allow the world to experience all of me, my whole life and business changed.

All that you dream of is on the other side of becoming more YOU. 

How to BE-come more of themselves. 

How to, simply put, reach their greatest potential that is lying dormant underneath who they thought they had to be.

How to have the love, life, family, Income and business of Their dreams with so much ease and absolute flow. 

How to flow with life as they experience an ease, joy & super-abundance like never before. 

How to refine and embody their own power and show up as HER.

How to welcome back and allow their very own magic that the world needs as they create deep intimacy and get to know themselves.

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quality time + physical touch

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decorating my home

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at the age of  38


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I tell everyone I meet: my coach changed my life. Those are really the only words to describe what working with Nicole is like! We spent a total of 9 months together 1:1, and while I came to her first because I was ready to heal my love life, it led to so much more than that (although I do have an amazing husband and beautiful baby girl together now). The inner child and energetic embodiment work that we did together helped me so much in my coaching business in regards to realizing what I truly wanted to create… in my relationships with others and the way I listened to them and understood their perspectives… and in my relationship with myself, leading me to be more compassionate, loving and present. Even when she’d say things that would trigger me, it ALWAYS led to growth and I always ended up grateful. My time spent with Nicole was worth every penny and I cannot recommend working with her enough.

Lily nicole

Nikki guided me through some deep pain that I didn’t even know was affecting me in business. When I hired Nikki, all I knew was that business kept feeling hard, despite knowing every strategy I needed to grow and scale my business. She helped me heal something as heavy as an abusive relationship from my past and something we wouldn’t think still affects us, like healing my friends ditching me in high school and how this was showing up in my business. The beautiful thing about working with Nikki was feeling seen & supported regardless of how “serious” the pain was. In truth, we all have wounds and pain that we carry with us. Since working with Nikki, I finally processed and let go of that abusive relationship that was taking up space energetically, got out of my ego in my current healthy relationship, and have greatly diminished my anxiety by learning self coping tools. Oh yeah...and I broke through my previous income ceiling reaching first a $30K launch and then a $25K cash month...and I’m working about 20-30 hours per week instead of 60. So basically, just work with Nikki. You’ll have better mental health, a more harmonious relationship, and will make a fuck ton of money working less than you ever have!

Kristen Cipriano 

When I first met Nicole, I felt a connection with her on a level in which I never experienced with previous coaches. I knew immediately that it was time to work with her. I was at a place in my life where I needed to heal my relationship with money so that I could move forward in my business, and I was calling in LOVE. During our coaching sessions, I felt instant transformation. Transformation that I was able to carry with me after the call and apply to my life. I felt a connection and was able to build a relationship with my inner child, a beautiful little girl that I neglected and was ashamed of. I now carry her and hold her hand PROUDLY as I move throughout my life.  

Love….I called that in as well. Almost immediately. It feels like a coincidence that my partner showed up during our first round of coaching, but I know it wasn’t. I was calling him in through our work of healing me. I’ve got my person and my match. I’ve never felt more love in my life, than I do with him. 

For anyone that is looking to heal and grow, I couldn't think of a better coach than Nicole. I’ve worked with her twice and I know that there will be more coaching and work to be done. You can have everything you desire, you just have to do the work. Allow Nicole to be the catalyst to help you get there, because she will deliver.

Diane Ferrara 

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