(n). an intimate community of conscious humans bound together by growth, desire, and living a life of truth, while being led by Life into their
greatest potential with ease  

(n). an intimate community of conscious humans bound together by growth, desire, and living a life of truth, while being led by Life into their
 greatest potential with ease

In utero, your wounds were coded into your DNA. This imprint dictated what you would experience in this lifetime, as this personality. On a soul level it was chosen, yet your humanness had no idea. Then you got on this Earth plane and began to live out these wounding patterns. You chose parents, siblings, friends, teachers, family, etc. that would help to give you the exact wounding you needed so that you could awaken and transmute them in this lifetime. Until now, you weren't living awake to it, though. You've felt like a victim of circumstances and in this you gave your power away. This is why you often felt frustrated and depleted of your energy.

When you feel stuck in your current circumstances, whether that be in relationships, love, your career or personal growth itself, you feel stripped of your life force energy and that fierce will that you once had. The same will that made you once believe that anything was possible and now you can't help but feel like a victim of Life. You think everyone has it easier and you're alone in you pain, especially when you we feel like you have have tried everything and haven't been able to achieve what you desire or feel a sense of peace, while seemingly everyone else has. That couldn't be further from the truth. 

It's time to collectively come together to transmute our wounding and evolve  

You are being called to awaken... 

To evolve past your wounding and see Life for what it really is as you come home to your true power and begin to have fun again. To learn trust and surrender on a whole other level. To finally get up close and personal with what's in-between you and what you desire.

Life/Universe/God gives us medicine every single day. It is up to us to receive this medicine, yet often times we don't realize what the medicine is and what it is trying to tell us. We encounter similar experience after similar experience and write it off as nothing.This is the medicine. 

If you have a desire or a curiosity for something, it is absolutely meant for you. The only thing getting in the way of it is your unconscious Self and all the unconscious programs that you are running. The good news is that just as you created what you don't want in your life, you also have that same power to now create what you do as we journey together and make the unconscious conscious. This is how we allow the dreams on your heart to become your reality along with that overall sense of peace within. I can guarantee it because I've lived it and evolved past it all time and time again. 

Life has a way of provoking us. It is attempting to bring us to our medicine yet it simply feels like torment at times. Let's walk this path together as a community letting go of that aloneness that we feel in all of it. One thing I know for certain is that we all feel the same pain. Some of us just hide it better than others. Together we will journey into the cosmic game that life is. We will uncover hidden truths that will set each and every one of us free. 

This is for you if you're ready to:


free yourself from the inside out with a community who sees and relates to you

forgive and/or release those who have caused you pain, including yourself  

feel empowered to experience Life in a purposeful & driven way 

create more love, ease, abundance and success in your life than ever before 

take continuous steps each day towards creating an aligned life, true to your values and passions

have fun, grow, and feel supported in body, mind, and soul  

become a receiver of miracles as you open yourself up to becoming available to them

EVOLVE like you never have before, even if in therapy for years and years 

Think of it like as your very own online holistic health club for mind, body and spirit 

feel inspired and excited about Life and creating your dreams again

transform and heal relationships in your life that you thought would never change 

feel spiritually connected to and supported by something greater 

answer the call that has been weighing on your heart for so long

become part of an intimate, conscious community of humans just like you where you feel an instant sense of belonging

remember who you are again after being who you needed to be for so long 

Everyday miracles 

An intimate community on Telegram where you can connect with each other and share feedback and wisdom 

A deepening of sisterhood and intimacy while being held & witnessed in your truth, as well as witnessing others  

Guest Trainings and workshops tailored to the desires of the group on topics such as  astrology, tarot, gene keys, womb work, energy healing, movement, love & intimacy, business energetics, etc.  

2 LIVE Q&A mentoring calls per month with Nicole to have your questions answered be personally mentored 

a portal of inspired wisdom, meditations and visualizations that you can come back to over and over again, tailored to the needs and energy of the group 

Intimate connection and personal attention being seen, held, and loved by the energy and intention of the group 

You'll receive:

This is a community for you if you are ready to walk the healing and transformational path with others, who are also on a journey of stepping into their true power, to create the life, love, business, and family you've always wanted. You are ready, open & devoted to opening your heart in ways that gently push you your edges, to receive all that Life has always had in store for you before your wounds and pain hijacked your truth, dreams and excitement for life. 

Monthly Community Membership

E V O L V E 


Are you ready to journey together?

I'm SO Ready  

The medicine that I offer to world is about becoming aware of and transmuting your wounds to live a life of truth. It's about welcoming back and embracing the disowned parts of yourself as you break down the parts of your personality that you once created to feel safe to open your heart once again to create and receive your dreams.

People tend to think that they can "manifest" their way into their dreams and while yes, manifestation is real, people often forget that we manifest not what we want and instead what we are. We are at the center of all that we create in our lives. I have seen it over and over again in my life and my clients' lives. Once the inner world evolves, that's when the outer world follows. The only way to reach our fullest potential is to let go of our own timeline and instead ride with Life to allow flow. 

I am your host and guide, Nicole Amaturo. I am a wife, a mom of 4, and a dedicated and persistent student of life. Over my 40 something years, I have walked through much darkness and just as much joy. I have been provoked by life and ran into turbulence and interference more times than I can count. I developed a kind of grit and ease that most people never know. It seems weird that grit and ease would go together, yet they do. In the turbulent times, I learned Life was always supporting me and bringing me to something, even if I couldn't make sense of it at the time. Once my dreams landed into my reality once more, it all made sense and created deeper safety and trust in Life/God.

In this, I learned ease. I learned to surrender and let go and trust Life, especially when it felt like all odds were against me. I learned to be present in the challenging times just as much as the fun times. I have been brought to incredible miracles many times in my life and I learned to trust that I would be brought to them again, as long as I was doing my part and receiving Life's sacred medicine. And most importantly in the midst of all of this, I finally remembered to be a human and have fun again! 

I am a mentor, coach, speaker, and author. I host group experiences, school and work personal development, as well as one-on-one sessions with the most incredible clients.

A Warm Welcome to my EVOLVE Community...

E V O L V E    


You will grow, heal, become inspired, transform, and create the life of your dreams all in the surroundings that make you most comfortable and are most convenient for you. You get to choose what vibe you are feeling for our calls, depending on what you feel like for that day.

You also get to choose from an array of different trainings, workshops, and mentoring calls depending on what part of your journey you are on and what lesson Life has you in in that moment. There will be a variety of all different topics to choose from based on the synergy of the group and what Nicole feels called to share and speak on, along with other guests to learn from that are chosen with precision to match the energy and pulse of our community.

While there will be specially announced in-person workshops and events made available to the EVOLVE community, the main community platform will be 100% online for all of the inspirational teachings, trainings, and mentoring calls. 

From the comfort of your own home... 


Monthly online membership to your online Holistic Health Club, giving you access to all trainings, mentoring calls with a beautiful, intimate online community 

Most popular




Everything you get in package 1 but you will also get 1, one-on-one call per month with Nicole to integrate and move what comes up for you. 
This is 30% less than my 1:1 calls alone! 





"Nikki Amaturo is a rare find - An amazing, deeply integral human being.

It is so refreshing to come across someone with such a fierce and unwavering tenacity for getting to the core of her own self, her patterns and her unique themes, in order that she can be of the greatest service to all of the fortunate humans that she touches in this life.

I can highly recommend her as a coach & mentor, for those who are seeking to align themselves with the deepest truth of who they are.
Her authenticity makes her a beacon for those wishing to find the truth that resides inside."

Dan Regan
inner cultivation guide 

"I’ve had the ultimate pleasure of knowing Nikki intimately and fast this past year! It’s been such a honor to get to know this incredible human. Nikki is one of the most integral humans I know - her willingness to go DEEP and her relentless commitment to the inner journey makes an incredible human, a beautiful soul and a powerful leader - she is the true embodiment of a heart-led leader.

The way she dances through life as a mom, a wife, a leader… with true devotion to it all… is like being in the presence of a super human.

Her passion (and calling) to be of greater service to the whole while grounded in the depths of her heart is felt through everything she does.

Nikki’s magnetic aura, heart of gold, powerful leadership… devoted to all of life’s ebbs and flows… is simply stunning.

Nikki, thank you for you!"

Kiera Noelle
Self-Expression Mentor

Wait, what else are others saying??

"Miracles incubate in the space between no longer & not yet." 

"Being supported in a healing container with Nikki has been the best investment I've ever made in myself. From moving to my dream city, to attracting an overflow of wealth, to magnetizing new friends, and fun dating experiences, I'm forever grateful that Nikki helped me hold my vision high, especially in the challenging moments."

-Betty Shen 

"I felt an instant transformation. It feels like a coincidence that my partner showed up during our first round of coaching, but I know it wasn’t. I was calling him in through our work of healing me. I’ve got my person and my match. I’ve never felt more love in my life, than I do with him."

-Diane Ferrara 

"I met Nikki with a wall up around my heart. Nikki helped me knock that wall down. I remember her asking me at the beginning of our first session together what my intention of working together was and I answered, “To unblock all that is keeping me from conceiving”. Six months into working together I was pregnant. In addition to that, I received so much more."

-Tara Pollifrone 

Cancellation Policy

There are no refunds on membership fees yet you can cancel at anytime. There is no contract and Cancellation is immediate.

You will simply be removed from the portal as well as the  community Telegram group.  


Monthly online membership to your online Holistic Health Club, giving you access to all trainings, mentoring calls with a beautiful, intimate online community 

Most popular




Everything you get in package 1 but you will also get 1, one-on-one call per month with Nicole to integrate and move what comes up for you. 
This is 30% less than my 1:1 calls alone! 




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