Your Inner Child is Running Your Life

Many of us couldn’t wait to grow up, get married, have kids and a create a family.¬†We feel like we’re an adult finally and love the freedom of it all. We get away from the environment we didn’t exactly thrive in and now can’t wait to create our own.

We think we finally got away from our little girl or little boy self, the one that was shy, or the one that was too aggressive and got us in trouble. The one that was too chubby or not pretty enough. The one that could never do anything right or the one that was patronized for being a know it all.

Whatever it was, we unconsciously create our lives in the present often trying to run away from those past parts of our selves that we would like to abandon.

But little do we know is that they are actually still ruling our lives. We see qualities in other people that we can’t stand and we judge. But I bet if you looked closely at what it is you despise about another, it’s often going to be the same thing you don’t want to see or acknowledge in your self.

You can’t stand the needy girl at work that just can’t seem to get shit done without help while you never ask for a damn thing and make shit happen all on your own. You think to yourself how this girl really needs to get her act together and have little tolerance for her. When she asks you for something, you’re quick and you snap at her.

Well I’m here to tell you it’s really never about the other person. It’s about YOU. It’s a disowned part of yourself that you need to acknowledge. Perhaps you grew up in a family where you couldn’t be weak or you’d get eaten alive so you have zero tolerance for those that are weak because you couldn’t be.

Well here’s your message to just acknowledge that part of you and have compassion for the piece of you that doesn’t have all the answers and may need some help sometimes. Allow yourself to not have to do it all or know it all.

Perhaps the dorky girl at work drives you nuts because you just can’t imagine how someone can’t possibly know how to be themselves or do all the trendy and cool things. Well I’d say this is a clear sign to look right in the mirror and ask yourself if there’s a part of you that maybe isn’t so cool and tries a little extra hard to feel loved. Maybe perhaps you don’t always feel so “cool” in life and you want to run from your past self when all she (your inner child) wants is to really just be acknowledged and authentic.

We all have our younger selves running around making all of our decisions each day and creating our reality. We limit our adult selves by our inner 7 year olds belief system.

We create our own families and then one day realize the self we were trying to run away from is creating havoc in our adult lives and something’s gotta give.

This. Is. My. Specialty. We all try to cope and just carry on each day running from them. The way to all of your hearts desires is by acknowledging them and loving your little boy/little girl.

Picture a little girl who is trying desperately to get her moms attention but moms too busy. The little girl starts out low and then each time her need isn’t met she gets louder and louder and breaks down. This is you when you ignore your inner child. This is often what anxiety is and can result in panic attacks.

As soon as you acknowledge that little girl or boy, all temper tantrums fade and love takes its place.

Ask yourself today what it is about the person that drives you the most crazy brings out in you. Is it a disowned part of yourself or does he/she trigger an emotion or experience you’re trying to run away from?

Get real. The work I do that causes huge shifts in people’s lives all stem from that inner child. I’ve seen clients create true love for themselves after struggling at it for years in less than 4 months by getting real and taking care of their inner child. I’ve seen people create financial abundance for themselves after allowing their inner child to have the things they weren’t given in childhood and reversing beliefs.

This shit works.