What Clients Say

“I reached out to Nicole during a time in my life when drastic life changes and loss had me feeling lost, alone, and desperate to regain my faith and hope.  Over the past three months of coaching with her, I have not only renewed my faith in the universe and my hope, but have made so many life changing insights about where certain thought patterns began and reasons behind long held false beliefs.  Without Nicole’s patience, insight, and genuine care I would not be experiencing such a positive and uplifted spirit.  She helped me to renew my mental and emotional state of mind, teaching me to focus on being mindful, enjoying the present moment, believing in myself and acting on my desires.  As one of my goals was to meet a man who was emotionally available and ready for a committed relationship, Nicole helped me recognize how I was blocking this desire instead of attracting the man of my dreams.  Once I understood the laws of attraction and how they were working in my life, I was able to completely change my own personal thoughts and beliefs surrounding myself and what I deserved.  Nicole was amazingly helpful in this process, guiding me through each important realization and now I am in a committed and intimate relationship with a wonderful man.  Nicole’s authentic passion for helping others shows through in her genuine excitement and happiness for her client’s progress and success.  This was clear to me with every personal story of success I shared with her.  Going above and beyond my expectations, I now consider Nicole one of my strongest sources of support and guidance as I trust her knowledge and honesty.  I cannot recommend Nicole’s services strongly enough!”

-Lindsy T.


“It is my greatest pleasure to offer my unequivocal professional endorsement of Ms. Nicole Amaturo as a Coach in Personal Growth, Love and Transformation.   It is so rare to encounter a person who possess expert knowledge, warmth, compassion and bubbly excitement but that is just who Ms. Amaturo is.

I am particularly impressed with Nicole’s ability to make any person feel at ease, understood and validated.  While she is highly educated and has earned many certifications, Nicole is also completely comfortable using examples from her own life and journeys to illustrate a point or to teach a special skill which creates an atmosphere of warmth, acceptance and knowledge.   Her philosophies and tools for manifesting the life you want are effective, refreshing and exciting.

If you are looking for a coach to assist you with your life changes and transitions, look no further.   You will not find a more understanding and effective Coach than Ms. Nicole Amaturo.”

-Susan Menahem  LCSW


“Some things just come naturally, as if it was their calling in life.  That is exactly how I would describe the way in which Nicole helps people.  Long before she went through school or opened up her office, it seemed like Nicole was naturally drawn to helping others and being a true listener and friend.   That’s what made it so easy to open up to her whenever I needed help and simultaneously, why I listened to her advice.

On a very personal note, I was suffering both mental and physical pain from some career and financial-based sources of stress.   Nicole was able to help guide me with some effective affirmations, or words that I would repeat to myself on a daily basis.  These words were designed to help change my mindset…my way of viewing my existing situation so that a more desirable physical and mental state would be the outcome.  Being so used to instant gratification made this a little challenging, however my trust and faith in Nicole, along with her empathetic ear and relentless guidance, helped me to truly make changes.

I’m grateful for Nicole’s patience above all with me.  I was fortunate to have her in my life, then, now and always.  I used to worry about a feeling of lack in my life, and now look forward to a life of abundance, financially, mentally & spiritually. Thank you Nicole!”

-Jessica V.