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As your coach…

My intention as your coach is for you to realize the amazing amount of power you have. Just as you created the misses in life, you are also powerful enough to create the hits in life starting NOW. I am someone who has been through the pain, self-doubt and beliefs that have limited my SELF in many areas in life. I have gone through the work to heal my SELF in order to go after and create my dream life!

If your goal is to attract the love of your life, then I am here to tell you that by committing to your SELF and working together each week, you will break free from the need for relationships that are toxic and no longer serve you. Ba-bye emotionally unavailable men! Instead, you will attract the healthy love that you so desire and deserve by freeing your SELF from the inside out! Everyone’s goals and blocks are different; we will work together to unearth these blocks and begin creating your dream life and/or soulmate. Whether its love, wealth, a relocation, career change, or health goals, you will create the transformation that you desire!

After working together, you will find that you always have all the tools you need to manifest the life of your dreams within. All that is required from you is a commitment to your Self. I will hold you accountable for your goals and will celebrate all of your accomplishments, no matter how big or little they are. There will be “funwork” to assist you each week working towards your dreams.

Upon meeting to create your Free Life, we will  first discuss your goals and challenges, and obstacles.  You set these goals according to the life you envision for yourself and then we work together to achieve them.

  • We will uncover blocks getting in your way and holding you back
  • We will release these blocks and begin creating new stories for your SELF
  • We will create a new mindset to help you reach your goals at an accelerated pace
  • We will discuss the language of the Universe and how to consciously create your days
  • We will discuss strategies for overcoming blocks and speak the language of the Universe
  • We will reverse limiting beliefs causing you to create the opposite of what you desire
  •  We will use many tools to break through these blocks.
  • You are in charge of how you implement these tools into your daily life in order to manifest these dreams
  • You will feel empowered
  • You will realize that you are the creator of your world
  • You will free yourself and become aware of old wounds interfering with your present
  • You will allow LOVE to take the place of FEAR
  • You will release the emotions that no longer serve you; anger, blame, resentment
  • You will become a vibrational match for all of your heart’s desires
  • You will feel loved and supported by your SELF
  • You will celebrate your SELF every step of the way
  • I will always provide a safe place for you to be real, encourage you along the way, celebrate you, and give you all of the support you need with love, compassion, and non-judgment.


Book your 50 minute Discovery Call now for FREE

The Discovery call/session is a time to discuss your challenges and goals and how I will guarantee my support to you. Get a feel for my vibe and see if we’re a perfect match.

The Free Life PACKAGE:

4 Month Mindset Reset = $3333.00

  • includes one 50 minute session each week by phone, Skype/Zoom, or in-person if you live in the area
  • unlimited email or Voxer support

**Payment Plans Available Upon Request

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