What is a Life/Mindset Coach?

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Q: What’s a “Mindset”

A:Have you ever wondered why some girls get all the good guys? Or why you cant seem to find true love?

✔️Everyone tells you that you’re beautiful and anybody should be lucky to have you but you still cry yourself to sleep at night and feel not enough. You’re tired of hearing what a great catch you are!

✔️Well what I’m about to tell you will change your life.

✔️It’s your fault! Yep…I said it! You are creating these circumstances with your beliefs about love, men, and your SELF. But you CAN CHANGE THIS!

✔️A mindset is a set of thoughts and beliefs that govern our reality each day. It’s our perception. It’s how we view ourselves and our relationship to money, love, men, women, motherhood, fatherhood, health, etc.

✔️In a nutshell, we all have our little girls/boy Selves from our childhood running our whole adult lives by the way we internalized our environment without even realizing it when we were too young to understand.

✔️Now picture your 6 year old self running around making your everyday decisions and creating your life. Scary, huh?! 😲

For ex: Love is scary. I’m not lovable. Money is easy to come by. Money is only used to hold power over me. As quick as money comes is as quick as it goes. I don’t deserve success. I am not enough. I’m not worthy. Success wasn’t meant for me. Being invisible equals love. Men are pigs. Women are disloyal. And the list goes on and on…

Q: How does our mindset affect our lives❓

A :It literally creates our reality. Many of the beliefs we formed came have our childhood and assumptions we created from past experiences and they live in our subconscious.

✔️ We walk around creating the exact experience we don’t want because we are unaware of them and then become frustrated each day.

✔️ Some of you may even be saying nope not me, my childhood was great. But your childhood didn’t have to be bad to have created any set of beliefs that you’re clinging on to. Even if mom was the most nurturing and lovable person, she could’ve done so much for you that you internalized it as being incapable on your own and now you create experiences to continually prove this. You may still need her for everything and get anxiety when you’re left to do things on your own.

✔️On the other hand, if your childhood was chaotic, you may struggle and get anxiety when things in your adult life are calm and beautiful because you don’t trust the peace. You were programmed to believe that peace was a fleeting moment and soon the ball will drop so you panic and become scared of everything. You worry that something is always wrong with you or something’s going to happen to loved ones because you live in fear instead of faith.

✔️We are walking, living imprints of our younger selves creating our reality until we become aware and begin to live consciously.

Ex: Men are pigs. We go on date after date and men prove this to be true. We attract the men that prove our story that we tell ourselves by the energy of our thoughts and beliefs. Men approach us inappropriately, send inappropriate messages in our DM’s, and leave after they get what they want. We want to blame the men that do this but that gives away our power too easily. We are the ones creating this and in this simple fact it means that WE HAVE THE POWER TO CREATE A NEW REALITY TOO!

Q:Why should you work with a mindset coach

A:💡Why NOT is the real question! Everyone would truly benefit and live out more of their dreams if they worked with one. I have a couple of them for different areas of my life!

✔️We are often very unaware of our thoughts and beliefs. When we work with a coach, many blocks are brought into our awareness that we didn’t even know we had.

✔️These were the best moments in my life!!! They were a gift because now I was able to flip my beliefs and CREATE A NEW REALITY. I didn’t have to be chained to the old stories I told myself anymore that kept me small.

Q: How will YOU benefit from working with a mindset coach

A:💡You’ll stop accepting status quo. You’ll go after your desires. You’ll achieve success. You’ll attract the love you desires, the wealth you deserve, the health you want, the happiness that was meant to be YOURS!! You’ll go from ORDINARY TO EXTRAORDINARY. Your business will expand, relationships will improve, and you’ll experience GROWTH in every area that you DESIRE!


If you have a desire for something, then it was MEANT TO BE YOURS!!!! You’re just ignoring it for a variety of reasons like thinking you’re not enough, you don’t deserve it, or you’re scared! You are just getting in your own way. This goes for everything including LOVE!!! 

Don’t wait anymore and settle for anything less than you deserve. Start dating men that mirror your self-worth to you by working on it today! 

Not only was I trained in all of this from Universities and recognized experts but more IMPORTANTLY, I LIVED IT. I DID IT!

I experienced RADICAL SHIFTS in many areas of my life, especially my self and love, by working on my MINDSET!

Free yourself from your old stories and begins creating your dream love and life!! It’s NEVER too late!

***DISCLAIMER: As your coach, I will never GIVE you any answers to your own questions about your life because the answers ALWAYS LIE WITHIN OUR SELF. I am merely a guide to lead you to your own truth with all the perfect tools!