Are You Ready to Feel Worthy?

SELF WORTH. It’s a big one! If your self-worth is less than where you want it to be, then  you’ll find yourself frustrated by your outside world. Your inside world is truly the one suffering, though.

It requires digging deep. Getting to the root of it. Asking yourself where it came from and attempting to raise your worth to where it deserves to be. You’re awesome and deserve all of your desires because you’re you.  Do you actually think there’s only “chosen” ones who were meant to have it all?

No. There isn’t. You’re just as good as the next person you’re comparing yourself to.

Low Self-Worth = feeling NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

If you don’t feel good enough then you may judge others often. You may compare yourself to them and think of all the reasons why your life is better to make yourself feel better or you may think of all the reasons why they’re better than you and how your life stinks.

You may idealize another human for being all that you wish you could be. You may think you just weren’t meant for all the great things that others have. You may create a post for love and attention and then you value yourself based on how others value you. Which means your worth is dependent upon what others think.

You’ll blame men and declare to the world that you deserve better and how mistreated you were. You’ll keep finding guys to be with but each one still leaves you feeling mistreated and like you deserve better. You may act cold and stand-offish to protect yourself when what you are hiding from is just really not feeling good enough. You may buy expensive things to make your outside world look how you want your inside world to feel. You’ll drive the expensive car or buy the expensive handbag or shoes to fulfill a void.

(Now let me be clear that this doesn’t mean if you have expensive things you have low self-worth. But for some it sure could and you’ll know it if you read this and it strikes a nerve OR if you get defensive and think of all the reasons why I’m wrong, as well) 😊

We protect ourselves in our defense. Just like any sport. Why do you think it’s called defense?

I’ll use myself as an example for feeling not good enough. I had my three children in my early 20’s which already had me at a disadvantage from having all the material things all of my friends with kids had in their 30’s.  So, I always felt not good enough. My inside world was hurting so I needed to have the big house, the fancy car, and the expensive handbag all to make myself feel good enough as a young mom who couldn’t keep up with all the older established moms I was around. I lost who I was and what was truly important at times to go after the high of just feeling good enough

It’s a drug quite honestly.

A dangerous drug.

Some go after coke to make them feel high and on top of the world. Others go after material things to make them feel high. The high is the same tho. It’s feeling good enough.


On top of the world.

It’s a quick fix and then just as coke leaves you in a slump after the high, so will going after the material things once the high wears off. You’re right back to being you before the expensive car or shoes. There’s a difference between feeling worthy of these things and owning it and having these things but feeling unworthy of them.

You’ll end up sabotaging yourself and relationships. There’s different energy behind each. That’s the true vibe.

That’s the energy.

It’s what you’ll attract based on this energy. The Universe works off of vibe and energy. In other words thoughts and true beliefs, whether we want to acknowledge them or not. We can fool others, including ourself, but we can’t fool the Universe.

Start decorating your inside world just as much as you decorate your outside world, it all begins and ends with YOU. This is when life changed for me.

It’s Chanel for the soul.

The first step in recovering as a drug addict, shopaholic, or alcoholic is admitting you have a problem. This is the same. Acknowledging your low self-worth is the first step in healing. Own it. It feels good. Like the elephant in the room is finally seen.

I did.

You will only go up from there. And not from an artificial high that will cause you to come crashing down.

First Loving Yourself = owning Self Worth

Can you honestly say you know what loving yourself looks like? It’s not just saying that you do. Do you know what it feels like? Unconditionally without judgment?

Loving yourself first allows you to reclaim your worth and go after all the things you desire and deserve.

The best part of it all is that you begin to get each and every one of them, including the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE. ❤️❤️❤️