The outside world is simply a mirror for your inside world. If you want to change the outside you must first do the work on the inside. This includes intimate relationships with a partner and relationships with friends, family, a boss, co-worker, etc.If you’re unhappy in a relationship, realizing that you brought that relationship into your life due to your own past programming is your first step in change.

The Universe brings you relationships to match where you are. It’s like attracts like. If you’re in a relationship with a narcissistic partner then you may feel insignificant and you have to earn love.

If you’re in a relationship with someone who is unfaithful, then you may never feel like you’re enough. So when your partner cheats, it just validates that feeling of not enough for you.

Again, like attracts like.

If you’re with a partner that you feel you have to do all the work and you can’t rely on him then you may have a belief in place that you can’t rely on anyone and you have to do everything on your own. This could’ve been formed in childhood if you didn’t have a parent that you could count on.

Like attracts like.

Your unconscious thoughts and beliefs have created the relationship you are in now, whether good or bad. If you choose to leave your relationship because it no longer serves you, then you must work on bringing the unconscious conscious before you get a different result with another guy.If you choose to stay in your relationship, then working on bringing the unconscious conscious will only help you and possibly even your relationship. If you leave and don’t work on your SELF, then you will inevitably bring another man into your life to bring out the same emotions you wanted to run from in your past relationship. Things may look great on the outside at first and may be totally different from your ex but over time you may be finding the same feelings are being brought out in you in a different way.

For example: let’s say your ex never spoiled you and cheated on you often so it left you feeling like you constantly had to earn love and you weren’t worthy and enough. So you leave that relationship to find yourself in another relationship with an awesome man who takes you to expensive dinners and treats you like a princess with gifts galore. But, he always talks about himself and is extremely busy with work so there’s not much time for you in his life. You accept it because of all the other good things but over time you’re left to feel empty and insignificant again.

You feel like you’re not enough again because if he really loved you and were that awesome, then he’d make time for you and want to know more about what makes you YOU. You start to do things to earn his love and send him surprises and show up at his work with a treat to fill the void inside. You go after doing anything to fill that void. You want him to love you not because you love him the same way, but more because you are dependent upon him filling that void within yourself for you.

Until you work on being enough without any exterior circumstance holding your worth, you’ll find yourself in many similar relationships that will eventually evoke the same feeling within. Start to ask yourself why you chose the relationships you did. What emotions did they bring out in you that reminded you of emotions from your your past? Childhood?

Emotions are your messengers revealing your greatest gift to you. They are the bridge in bringing the unconscious conscious.Listen to them as they have much to be revealed to you.

Ask yourself:

1. What emotion is this experience bringing out in me?
2. When have I felt this emotion before?

This is your starting point.

Even if you’re in a great relationship, use this to serve you better when you get into a disagreement about something. A lot can be avoided when we realize relationships are mirrors for what’s going on within and our emotions are our messengers.