Perception is Everything

Was having a shitty morning today with a minor setback allowing fear based thoughts to come in. So what did I do? I sulked for a little. I complained for a little. I allowed myself to be in it for a little. Then I put my big girl panties back on and said how can I see this differently?

I realized I was allowing my ego, which appropriately means Edging God Out, to take over rather than returning to love based thoughts. This isn’t the ego where one thinks they’re better than everyone else. It’s the ego that wants to keep us safe, scared of change, and likes to tell our old stories to protect us. So what did I do?!

I made a DECISION to make the rest of my day the best of my day. I went on fb and my close friend posted something about setbacks! Thank you, Universe! Then, I did something nice for her and instantly shifted my mood! Next, I exchanged some emails for my business and got some really awesome feedback. After that, I decided to send more love out to all of you by being vulnerable and extending my lesson learned today! Finally, I have a smile on my face and see the whole situation I was upset about so differently!

Proof that perception and mindset is everything!! If I chose to stay in my fear based mindset, my day would’ve totally stunk.

We have a choice each day to see things through a different lens: a lens of love rather than fear. Always CHOOSE LOVE as you final destination even if you live in fear periodically! Fear based thoughts don’t feel good. They are anger, hostility, anxiety, panic, judgment, manipulation, etc. Love based thoughts are all the ones that feel friggen amazing. The smile on a child’s face explains it all. Enough said. Find them now and feel them, even if for a second.