The Way I See It

We have the power to manifest all of our life’s desires. It all starts with a thought, which then turns into a belief, which then creates an emotion, which finally turns into our reality. It truly is that simple. We develop a whole image of ourselves based off of  beliefs that often limit us. Eventually, we become tired out trying to maintain these beliefs by bringing in experiences that continually create the same suffering in our lives. Whether we are living consciously or not, we are always the creators of our lives. We are creating what we want and what we don’t want each day by something as simple, yet powerful, as a thought.

This concept is illustrated in a famous experiment by Dr. Masaru Emoto, which yielded the basic idea that thoughts have an energy behind them that will either positively or negatively serve you. Dr. Emoto is a famous Japanese pioneer researcher that became known for his water crystal experiments and book titled, The Hidden Messages in Water. He demonstrated just how powerful thoughts and beliefs are in shaping our reality. He placed water in glasses and exposed them to certain negative or positive words, pictures, music, or phrases. The glasses with positive influential words, pictures, music, or phrases created beautiful, complete, vibrantly colored, snowflake crystal formations while the glasses of water with negative influential ones created incomplete, dull, and disfigured crystals.  More information can be found at

So what does this prove? Thoughts create our reality, good or bad, depending on which thoughts we choose to think. Thoughts are powerful. Power is energy. Energy attracts like energy. Energy is all around us and in everything that we do. We are energy. We create our lives by the thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that we allow. The greatest part about knowing this right now is that YOU are actually in control of the rest of your life from this day forward. You, yes YOU, can free your Self to turn your current situation into one of magnificence and abundance, whether in love, health, or wealth, no matter where you are now.

Emotions are our messengers. The way we feel in a certain situation tells us a lot about our Selves if we are aware and tune in to listen. We have been shaped by the  environment we were brought up in. We have learned how the way the world “works” through what we were told and what we observed. We have created assumptions, beliefs, and interpretations about love, money, age, health, and everything in between based off of what we have observed and experienced in the past. We carry these false beliefs, interpretations. and assumptions around with us and create a life to mirror them in the people and circumstances in our lives in the present. Until we become aware of the patterns, we will continue to create them over and over again until we tire out and search for a better way.

Each day we wake up we have a choice. We can either choose to think thoughts that will serve you or keep thinking the same thoughts that have gotten us nowhere extraordinary. We have the choice to go out each day and make the rest of our life the best of our life. We have all the tools we need right within our SELVES. Stepping into our power allows miracles to come into our lives. It is our birthright. The universe always work in our favor, doesn’t it? If your initial reaction to this rhetorical question was no, then maybe this is the first belief you may benefit from working on. I can’t wait to get started working together to uncover your patterns, reverse your beliefs, create new stories, and celebrate your dreams becoming your reality!



 “As creators, thinking is literally our only point of influence on the world and life’s magic. Our thoughts are what is real; they’re the starting point of all that will become tangible in our lives-pre-matter if you will-while the things of time and space are a reflection of what has previously been thought, individually and en masse, and are little more than a mirage. Accordingly, nothing plays a greater role in how we construct our fortunes and misfortunes than the THOUGHTS WE CHOOSE TO THINK” –Author Mike Dooley