Good Vibes Only: 6 Ways to Raise Your Vibe Starting Today

By: Nicole Amaturo

Good Vibes Only. We see this saying all over social media, clothing, and knick-knacks but what exactly is a vibe and why is it so important that it’s good? We all have a variety of emotions that come and go and vary upon the different experiences that come our way. We have beliefs about ourselves and certain experiences trigger certain emotions based upon those beliefs. Some emotions serve us better than others. If we believe we are blessed and feel grateful, then the emotion of gratitude will attract more things in our lives to be grateful for. The same goes if we play the victim role and hold onto resentment and anger, then this will negatively serve us and bring more experiences into our lives to feel like a victim and carry anger.

We create our reality day in and day out. We manifest all the things we want and don’t want starting with something as simple as a thought. Everything and anything that we desire is truly meant to be ours but we get in our own way without realizing it. We are meant for greatness but we often feel the control is outside of ourselves, when in actuality it’s quite the opposite.

Our  vibe is what allows us to attract our desires into our lives. Our thoughts create an emotion within us and that emotion will either positively or negatively serve us. As stated by Abraham Hicks in the book, Ask and It Is Given, the scale of emotions vary from positive emotions at the top to negative emotions toward the bottom.

Picture a pole with a range of emotions on it from gratitude to anger. At the top half of the pole, there are emotions such as joy, appreciation, passion, enthusiasm, optimism, and hopefulness while fear, anger, blame, guilt, resentment, jealousy and powerlessness are all on the lower end of the pole. In the middle of the pole are emotions such as boredom, frustration, doubt, impatience, disappointment, and overwhelment. When we are attempting to manifest our dreams, but we live on the bottom half of the pole, then we are going to have an extremely tough time creating what we want and instead we’ll create what we don’t want.

Like attracts like. We need to be a match for the things we desire to reach us. We can’t attract abundance when all we feel is lack or anger. They are not an equal match for each other. The goal is to live at the top half of the pole majority of the time so we can create experiences that’ll bring more joy, appreciation, and enthusiasm in our lives. Living at the bottom half will only bring us more disappointing, frustrating, and overwhelming experiences.


  1. Show Gratitude

Create a Gratitude Journal and write five things you’re grateful for each night before you go to bed. When you wake up, read those 5 things back to yourself to begin your day with gratitude. What you focus on expands.

  1. Practice Forgiveness

If you find yourself angry and resentful, it is only hurting you. The quickest way to happiness for yourself is to forgive and release. Marianne Williamson, teacher of A Course in Miracles, states: “Would you rather be happy or right?”

  1. Shift Your Focus

If you are stressing about lack of money in your bank account, quickly turn your focus to all that you do have instead, no matter what the amount is. If you are unhappy at work, focus on the aspects about your job that you do like. Find one small positive thing to focus on each day. You’ll end up finding more to be grateful for than you realized.

  1. Be Present

Go for a walk outside and spend time in nature. Listen to the birds chirp or the waves crashing against the shore. When you eat, focus on the taste, texture, sound, and smell as you are eating and appreciate each bite. Stay in the present moment and soak up all the goodness surrounding you.

  1. Have Fun

Watch a funny movie, YouTube stand-up comedy video, call a friend that you can giggle with, put your favorite playlist on, sing your heart out and dance! Your spirits will immediately lift and you’ll realize you need more of this in your life each day.

  1. Spread Joy

Do something nice for another. Buy someone’s coffee, compliment them, send them flowers, leave a love note, smile, or tell someone how much they’re appreciated. You’ll instantly feel awesome and the bonus is it’ll bring more joy into your life, as well.

You can begin to shift your reality today. Taking these small action steps each day will bring you closer to manifesting all of your dreams that you deserve and desire. When you feel great, greatness flocks to you!