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Why I’m A Big Deal

Why I can help assist you in creating THE LIFE OF YOUR WILDEST DREAMS!!! 

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology: Cum Laude from Georgian Court University
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Education: Cum Laude from Georgian Court University
  • Master’s Degree in Holistic Health from Georgian Court University
  • Kappa Omicrom Nu National Honor Society for the Human Sciences
  • Certified Infinte Possibilities Trainer by best selling author, Mike Dooley himself, well-known for his daily Notes from the Universe. 
  • Graduate of Gabrielle Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass
  • Attendee of numerous Hay House seminars and workshops, as well as attendee of speeches by Marianne Williamson, teacher of A Course in Miracles
  • Attendee of IPEC’s Life and Leadership Potentials Training
  • Blogging Contributor for Worthy.com
  • Retired teacher and Literacy Coach after 10 years of service
  • Workshop facilitator
  • Personal Experience using all of  my training while creating huge shifts in my own life. This enabled me to transform my whole life and manifest all my heart’s desires

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