Allowing Growth and Change

Happy Monday, Loves! It’s a new week and whole new set of goals. Love and life requires MOVEMENT. We were made to evolve. Movement encourages growth and change. Change is scary. Staying stagnant is scarier. When we change, it forces everyone around us to change.

Our ego wants to keep us safe and others around us by clinging onto the past and what felt familiar. But, the new could truly be that much greater than the now we cling onto. Welcome it without resisting it any longer. Unfamiliarity invites fear. The stronger grasp we hold onto the past due to fear, the more wounded we become.

Think of a pond stagnant with no MOVEMENT. It’s murky. Everything in it feels heavy. There’s no room for growth and life. It’s there but dead inside. Now think of a pond that’s alive with MOVEMENT. Everything is growing and creatures are flourishing. Growth is sustained. It just flows feely and is truly alive.

Ask yourself which pond you are.

Are you allowing change to help you grow mentally, spiritually, or emotionally?

Or are you clinging on to familiar and safety somewhere in your life?

Just in the acknowledgment and awareness of it, your process of change will already have begun. Make a goal to do something you’ve never done this week, no matter how big or small, allowing movement and growth. It may feel hard at first like trying to move in that murky pond water, but once you get going they’ll be no stopping your current