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What is The free Life?

I believe many of us have been stuck feeling unfulfilled.  This may even be you right now. Instead of dealing with this feeling, we often try to quiet our inner voice and distract ourselves with a “too busy” lifestyle. It is often difficult to face the fact that we are truly just not happy because then in lies a responsibility to our Selves to do something about it. Sometimes we just aren’t ready to, although we know deep down that we have gotten off task and lost purpose. We often blame ourselves, instead of understanding our SELVES with compassion.

We all have free will and at any moment we can choose to take a different path. All too often we ignore our inner voice and intuition because we fear that we will be judged by family, society or condemned through religion. I have learned that the stronger grasp we hold from fear, the more wounded we become.

This was exactly me a few years back, until the day came that I finally decided to Choose Me. I freed myself when I finally let go and fought my fears so that I could experience The free Life.  A life free of all judgments, limitations, and expectations. A conscious life of creating my wildest dreams, while understanding and appreciating my authenticity. A life ridding of limiting beliefs and false stories that inhibited my truest potential.  A life of meeting my own needs. A life of knowing, understanding, unconditionally loving, and accepting all parts of my Self with compassion. My wings spread, my soul was inspired, dreams were created, faith was instilled, action was taken, and the life of my dreams quickly manifested.

I believe it is no coincidence that you have landed on my page right now. My intention is for you to realize the amazing amount of power you have. Just as you created the circumstance you are in, you can also now create the life that you envision for yourself, knowing that your point of power is in the present moment. The free Life awaits YOU.