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My Philosophy

We are born whole and with every need that isn’t met, we begin to lose pieces of our authentic selves. We then rid of those needs as a protection and build barriers because having them creates too much turmoil for us. We tell ourselves false stories and with those false stories comes beliefs that LIMIT what we dream and accomplish. We believe we are unworthy, unlovable, incapable, and not good enough. So, we walk around each day creating experiences to validate these feelings even though we try quite hard to do the opposite. When we have an underlying belief that we are unlovable, we unconsciously call into our lives an experience that solidifies that limiting belief. For example, one may feel rejected by a loved one, try to earn love from a partner, feel left out from friends, or create an environment in the workplace in which they are disliked. This all causes them to feel the emotion of sadness or depression, but what they don’t understand is that the emptiness they are feeling from all of these different experiences all stem from believing they are unlovable, a limiting belief created in childhood. We develop a whole image of ourselves based off of limiting beliefs and then eventually become tired out trying to maintain these beliefs with all these experiences that continually create the same suffering in our lives. When we finally get sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, we start to question if there is a better way.

Life is a mirror and what we put out, whether conscious or unconscious, we get back. The thoughts that we choose and believe create the present moment. We fail to get the job of our dreams, or even worse, we don’t go after the job of our dreams. We continue to get rejected in love, create addictions, engage in promiscuity, over-achieve, and exhaust ourselves by engaging in a “too busy” lifestyle. We struggle with compulsions, dependence, depression, and anxiety. We attempt to avoid. What we avoid comes back to us greater. We are in pain. We suffer. We hurt. We long to be free.

 Relationships are our biggest mirrors. For what you see in someone else is truly only a reflection of your Self, one way or another. If you find yourself annoyed by your partner’s assertiveness, perhaps a piece of you needs permission to be more assertive yourself. If you find yourself uncomfortable around people with expensive things, maybe there’s a piece of you that doesn’t give your permission to have the same, or a belief is in place that nice things are for everyone else and not you. When you view life seeing a reflection of your Self in all things, you no longer harbor blame or resentment because you realize the only person you are hurting is YOU. The more you love yourself the less you want to punish and hurt your Self.

The good news is that the experiences and emotions you are experiencing are messengers with gifts to be unearthed when you are able to understand the lesson. Just as you created your present situation, you can also create the life of your dreams. The past, as well as the present, doesn’t have to define you anymore. Together, we will release blocks that are inhibiting you from creating your heart’s desires, no matter where your starting point is right now. If you don’t feel at ease or fulfilled, it is a messenger telling you that you are out of alignment to who you really are. Your power is always in the present moment. It is time to thank these emotions and release these blocks. There is no better time than NOW to show up for your SELF!



 “As creators, thinking is literally our only point of influence on the world and life’s magic. Our thoughts are what is real; they’re the starting point of all that will become tangible in our lives-pre-matter if you will-while the things of time and space are a reflection of what has previously been thought, individually and en masse, and are little more than a mirage. Accordingly, nothing plays a greater role in how we construct our fortunes and misfortunes than the THOUGHTS WE CHOOSE TO THINK” –Author Mike Dooley

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